We are currently Sold Out of all Dinasaw Bandsaw Sharpeners and Setters

Dinasaw Bandsaw Sharpeners

**NEW** Now you can upgrade your manual sharpener to Automatic. Ask your dealer how.

(Only sharpeners manufactured from mid 2006 can be upgraded)

Automatic STD........Sharpens the blade then shuts off automatically.

The Fully Automatic machine is just that. Automatic. Controlled by state of the art electronics, this machine has the capabilities of automatically shutting off at a predetermined point, making this machine hands free for ease of operation.

All machines feature:

  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Case hardened cams and pivots
  • High efficiency 12 volt motors
  • Unique magnetic blade clamping
  • CD assisted instruction manuals
  • Free standing Tripod frame

This means unrivalled control- Any profile can be followed without the hassle of changing cams, making this one of the most versatile sharpeners on the market.

Magnetic Blade Retention is used on all Dinasaw sharpeners providing uniform clamping pressure, allowing fast, easy changing and precise control over blade movement.

All sharpeners do straight profiles, the bevelling profile feature is optional.

A minor difference can produce dramatic results.

See the Product Manuals & Videos page to view a video of the Dinasaw Bandsaw Sharpener!

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