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Sawing technology for wood

Our high quality band saw blades for wood are used in customer segment such as pallet manufacturing, portable sawmills and carpentry. The application challenges differ from customer to customer and to be able to cover virtually all sawing conditions, we supply a wide range of high-performance band saw blades at Munkfors.

Different designs and functionality

Munkfors meets the challenges found in woodworking through its wide range of blades of different design and functionality. In addition, our sharp and tough blades made of Swedish steel makes it easy to work with hard woods and allow faster cutting to give the best life cycle economy. Our superior ready-to-use welded blades ensure identical tooth sequence and uniform cutting geometry. Together, these are crucial parameters to achieve consistent productivity, performance and surface finish you can rely on. Smaller blades supplied for carpentry are durable and maintain a clean and straight cut. Along with blade flatness, this enables you to produce curves of uniform shape over the long term.

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