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MUNKFORS RESAW 1-1/4" X 0.42 X 7/8T

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Excellent and consistent sawing for wood industry

Band saws are widely used to cut logs, timber and other types of raw wood, their thin kerf results in high timber yield, low amount of sawdust, accurate cutting and good processing economy. Nevertheless, even the best band saw machines cannot compensate for low quality blades. That is why you should choose Munkfors band saw blades for wood cutting. Our high-performance blades made of Swedish steel give the excellent and consistent sawing results you need for saving costs involved with cutting logs and timber, band saw operation, manpower and wood quality.

Band saw blades with several benefits

  • Sharper blades
  • Cleaner cutting
  • Uniform cutting geometry
  • Longer blade lifetime
  • Minimum downtime
  • Minimal yield loss
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