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Dinasaw ABN Cyclone Grinding Wheels

145x( 4-7/8")x (3,4,5,8) x 11.113(7/16) This Stone will NOT fit a Dinasaw machine, but different brands such as an Oregon sharpener ( for Dinasaw models please select one with 125 diameter)

This wheel contains a mixture of ABN (Amber Boron Nitride) and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) abrasive grit fused on the radius. ABN and CBN have different fracturing properties which ensures it stays sharp as it wears. These wheels are made from CNC machined steel and have unique "cyclone" cooling slots to keep from overheating chain cutters. The Both materials are much harder than the chrome and steel in saw chain, so it will last through 100's of sharpenings. These wheels excel because they grind cooler, don't load or clog in the presence of oil, maintain their shape and they will not break like a standard wheel. ABN wheels are perfect for production shops. Not recommended for carbide chain. We strongly recommend ABN wheels for Dinasaw Grinders.

Wheels are 4

Grinding Wheel Recommendations
1/4" Pitch Chainsaw Chain 1/8" wheel = 3mm/4mm
.325" Pitch Chainsaw Chain 1/8" wheel = 3mm/ 4mm
3/8" Pitch Low Profile Chainsaw Chain 1/8" wheel =3mm or 4mm
3/8" Pitch Standard Chainsaw Chain 3/16" wheel=5mm
.404" Pitch Chainsaw Chain 3/16" wheel = 5mm
.404" Pitch Harvester Chain 3/16" wheel= 5mm
3/4" Pitch Harvester Chain 5/16" wheel= 8mm

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